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If you have the desire to help people, perhaps our Affiliate Program is for you.

The program is quite simple really. You continue to talk with people like you normally do. Except you have something else you can talk with them about now.

We will provide you with as much, or as little, marketing assistance as you want. This also means that you can earn as much as you want, doing the same types of things you already do.

Once you are registered with us, we will provide you with:

When you find someone needing commercial financing, all you need to do is get us some basic information, and we will take it from there. What his means for you is:

We do the work and you get paid.


"You can't know it all. No matter how smart you are, no matter how comprehensive your education, no matter how wide ranging your experience, there is simply no way to acquire all the wisdom you need to make your business thrive."

Donald Trump

"For most of my life, I never had enough money. If I had let not having money be an excuse, I never would have become a capitalist. This is important because a true capitalist never has money. That is why they must know how to raise capital and use other people's money to make a lot of money for a lot of people."

Robert Kiyosaki

"You can make luck happen through hard work and intelligence. Sure, bad things happen--be prepared for the worst, but if you work hard and are smart, luck comes your way when you least expect it."

Donald Trump

"Everyone who does anything is criticized. Expect it. Listen to it. Then dismiss it. I've been criticized for everything I've ever done. I do not let it get to me. Like I said before, everybody goes after the fastest gun in the west. If you're on top you are naturally a target for all of those small thinkers who love to criticize big thinkers who make things happen. Do not let it stop you. Speak up and stand out."

Donald Trump

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